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Diane Goldsmith
Pianist and Teacher
   Diane Goldsmith is pianist with the Arcadian Trio, which includes some of the most in- demand string players in greater Philadelphia – violinist Igor Szwec and cellist Vivian Barton Dozor. The group has been featured on prestigious concert series all around the area, presenting themed programs Diane has developed which include commentary – and in some cases, a multimedia format with images.      “At Home with the Schumanns and Brahms” explores the love triangle between Robert and Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms in a program that features works by all three composers, readings from their diaries and letters and historic images. This nexus of love and genius among the greats of the Romantic era has long intrigued historians of music.       “The Evolving Classical Style” – a program informally known as “Music That Broke the Mold” – is about how, in turn-of-the-19th century Europe, the traditional forms and harmonies of the Classical era were giving way to a more expressive sensibility in music - Romanticism. The program begins with works by Haydn and Beethoven that clearly break with tradition and help blaze a new path to a supremely lyrical trio by Schubert.      “Music with a French Twist” is a wonderful juxtaposition of the surprising and the familiar in French music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With music by Debussy, Chaminade, Faure and Ravel, it explores the development of the French sound during this period. The Other Musicians are:      Violinist Igor Szwec is concertmaster of the Academy of Vocal Arts and Princeton Festival orchestras. He’s also assistant concertmaster with the Opera Company of Philadelphia orchestra and a charter member of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia. He received his training at the Philadelphia Musical Academy and did further violin study with Karen Tuttle. He’s played chamber music with such notables as Bernard Greenhouse, Menahem Pressler, Anton Kuerti and Samuel Baron.      Cellist Vivian Barton Dozor is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music, where she studied with David Soyer, and participated in the Marlboro Music Festival. She’s principal cellist with the Academy of Vocal Arts orchestra and VoxAmaDeus and assistant principal with Opera Philadelphia’s orchestra. She’s appeared with such distinguished artists as Yehudi Menuhin, Alexander Schneider and Felix Galimir, and played in the Philadelphia Orchestra, Opera Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ballet Orchestra, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Brandenburg Ensemble, and Orchestra 2001, to name but a few. Diane Goldsmith 609-505-1248 dgoldsmith1@msn.com
The Arcadian Trio
Excerpt from Beethoven Op. 70, No. 2, 3rd Mvt.
Excerpt from Schubert Op. 99, No. 1, 1st Mvt.
Excerpt from Beethoven Op. 70, No. 2, 2nd Mvt.
Excerpt from Schubert Op. 99, No. 1, 2nd Mvt.
Excerpt from Schumann Fantasiestucke, Op. 73 for cello and piano

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The Arcadian Trio

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