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Diane Goldsmith
Pianist and Teacher
   Whether you’re a child just beginning to learn, a talented youngster exploring music seriously, or an adult returning to the keyboard after many years, Diane can help you achieve your goals.    She has a master’s degree in piano from one of the top music conservatories and is an active performer. Most of all, she has a wealth of experience bringing out the best in students by tailoring her approach to their goals and ability, individual learning styles, and musical interests – be it classical, pop, jazz or musical theater.    She can work with you if you only have a limited amount of time to practice but want to experience the fun of making music. She can also prepare you for concerts and competitions.    She believes that studying music theory – chords and other building blocks of music - and playing a certain amount by ear enhances a pianist’s abilities and whenever possible, she tries to include these elements in lessons.    So don’t put music off any longer. Make it real in your life. Lessons are at her Cherry Hill, N.J., studio, which is convenient to the greater Philadelphia area and residents of Camden, Gloucester and Burlington Counties in New Jersey.  Contact her for more information or to schedule an appointment. Diane Goldsmith 609-505-1248 dgoldsmith1@msn.com
Put yourself behind the keyboard AND PLAY!
Diane plays Eubie Blake’s Dictys on 7th Avenue

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Put yourself behind the keyboard AND PLAY!

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